Sunday, June 10, 2012

My other favorite.

Yes, I'm still talking about our Disney trip. :) We've had about 12,492 other things occur in our lives since we returned, but I just don't feel right moving on without sharing more of our wonderful trip first.  

My very favorite Disney park is easily Epcot. 
I love it and would happily spend everyday there if my family would let me. :) 
They love it too, but seriously, I could live there. This year we spent two days at Epcot and I really tried to convince Todd we needed a third, but he wouldn't cave. Here are some highlights from our 1st Epcot Day. 

The boys excitedly waiting for our bus to Epcot....

And 3 of us waiting for an activity inside one of the Innoventions buildings. 
(photo credit: Garrett Wilson) 
We didn't visit the Innoventions buildings last year (short on time), so we made sure to check them out this time. Lots of fun, learny stuff (and it's air conditioned), so it's just my kind of thing. 
My favorite part of Epcot is the World and since I like to think of myself as a bit of an Anglophile (I'm only sort of joking), I couldn't wait to have dinner at Epcot's Rose and Crown (in the "England" part of the World). It did not disappoint. The only thing that did- I couldn't indulge in a good British Beer the way I wanted to. Next time though, I promise (to myself). 
I loved that dinner was everything I wanted it to be. We got to sit outside, right on the water, beautiful weather, the kids mostly behaved and my fish and chips were just right. SO good. 
The kids also participated in a great "Kim Possible" activity. They got to pretend they were Secret Agents on a mission. They got their "orders" and hunted for clues around the World sent to them via their very own little cell phones. They were in heaven. 
FYI: This is what Todd and I look like from Garrett's angle. Kind of fun to hand the camera to the shortest person in the group once in awhile. :) 
Inside "Norway" in the the World, getting ready to ride Mealstrom. Loved it. :)
We were officially Vikings after the ride was over. See? 

Of all the evening shows, at all the parks, "Illuminations" at Epcot was my very favorite. It's beautiful, you can see it from any angle around the World and there's room for everyone to spread out. 
So that way, in case your family watches fireworks displays like mine does.... 
You don't have to get too close. :) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Todd's Favorite.

 Hands down, Todd's favorite thing about Disney has got to be the rides. Well, the rides and all the shows. Basically he likes to get his money's worth at the Disney parks for which he has paid to visit. Ahem. And while there aren't too many crazy rides to be had at Disney, most are still a lot of fun and Todd seems to be happier attacking a list of rides than he is lounging poolside (see why Disney works for us? we all get what we love :)).  
I think we rode every single ride and saw every single show there is to see at the Magic Kingdom during the 2 days we spent there, and I'm pretty sure defeating Zurg is still one of our family favorites. We defeated him at least 4 times this trip.  
We especially like making silly faces when it's our turn to be photographed. Good times. 
This year both boys got to drive the little race cars and LOVED it. Or so says Todd. I was in the "bleachers" because this ride isn't recommended for expectant mothers. Fine by me; I was happy to sit down for a few minutes. :) 
Besides, I would be very, very afraid to be on the same road as these road warriors....
 We rode all of the classic Disney rides too. 
Like Aladdin...
And Dumbo 
The Jungle Cruise...
 And the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse....
 We watched all the shows, including the Hall of Presidents, the Enchanted Tiki Room...
Mickey's PhillharMagic...
And the Country Bear Jamboree. 
Todd likes to make sure that we spend our days at Disney going from this....
To this....
 And if you think the kids look beat-down, you should have seen me, but obviously he's not too concerned either way. :) 

My favorite thing.

I really loved almost everything about our Disney trip (except maybe I didn't love the heat and crowds, but you know what I mean) so it was hard for me to choose a favorite thing. One of the things I really loved about this year's trip though was that in addition to our park touring we were able to work in some poolside fun. And who wouldn't love hanging out poolside with these two??    
We spent the first 2 nights of our trip at Disney's Pop Century Hotel, so our poolside view looked like this (we were in the 1950's section)....
 But Pop Century had a few "bugs" they needed to work out, so we moved to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter and our pool view became this....
One of the treats of this pool is the big dragon slide.
Aiden was a big fan. :)
Garrett preferred to just hang from Todd or play on the steps of the pool.
 I loved the poolside entertainment. Every afternoon they provided family-friendly games, dancing, activities, etc. and it really was a lot of fun for all of us. I loved the games and won a giant, blow up microphone playing "Name that Tune". 
Aiden participated in the poolside chalk drawings and spent loads of time perfecting his "Iron Man" and Mickey Self Portrait. He's never spent that long on a single homework assignment. Ever.  
Both boys also got their groove on dancing with the DJ's. Here's Aiden dancing to "Baby" by Justin Bieber. Notice who's watching in the lower left-hand corner. 
He was way tired out from the Macarena he'd just rocked (I'm trying to figure out how to post the video). :)
So. Much. Fun. 

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